Post #1 Introduction

Hi world. This is my first Blog attempt and post. I don’t even know why people would want to read this and hear my opinions and my life but why the heck not?

For those of you who want a wonderful story about college life and how great it is, this is NOT for you. Don’t get me wrong, college IS great. But college is a part of life and life sucks sometimes so this is real stuff that I wish I heard before I got suckered into college.

So allow me to begin. This blog may go out of order at at certain points since I will be a a third-year going for my Bachelor’s in the fall so this will be fun.

But this is just an introduction! I’ll get into all the dirty secrets tomorrow. Honestly there should be two Freshmen Orientation packets. One for all the academic and wonderful things each school offers. The other one should be about the actual social life of students and how freaking hard it is to play catch up if you fuck up once.

But enough about me ranting…for now.

There are some things you should know

  1. I will swear and not hold back. You won’t be getting the full experience if I do not swear. So if swearing bothers you, find another blog that talks about sunshine and rainbows.
  2. I will rant. Its America, everybody does it. Some people even get paid to rant.
  3. If you don’t like what I say, that is fine. You have your opinion and I have mine, we can’t please everyone.
  4. As much as I say this blog is going to be about what actually happens, it may not happen to you or others. These are my experiences that I am choosing to share with you. These happened to me. My experiences. My life. Don’t tell me this didn’t happen because it did, it happened to me. Its my truth.
  5. Be prepared to be entertained because life’s awful funny and mine’s HYSTERICAL!

That’s all for tonight folks! Brace yourselves for tomorrow’s posting! (Its not bad I promise)


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